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All the prints shown on my website are original limited edition prints, some in very small editions with colour variations throughout the edition resulting in some unique prints within the edition (ie. there are none exactly the same). Every print has been designed and cut or etched and finally printed by myself (the Artist Printmaker).


The prints on the original print page represent a selection of my work over the years from the early etchings of The Apocalypse series; the PIGSAW print (made in conjunction with Michael Stuart Green ) as a commission for the 6th International Printmaking Biennale at Bradford; and The Tangleha Bars Nab series of photopolymer intaglios on the theme of creel fishing which toured Scotland for 4 years. The Finella Prints - giant woodcuts printed by dancing! - have a page to themselves. There are also prints on the Aberfeldy Works page. Most of the works are etchings or relief prints. There is one silkscreen.


Etchings are made by drawing or impressing through a wax ground on to a zinc or copper plate which is then placed in an etching solution. To print an etching, etching ink is worked into the lower surface of the plate and the top surface wiped clean. Sometimes lithography colours can be rolled on the top of the plate to allow simultaneous colour printing as seen in some of my prints. The inked plates are rolled through an etching press under heavy pressure. The printing paper is usually damp.


Linocuts and woodcuts are made by cutting into the surface of the wood or lino. There is a choice of cutting a separate block for each colour or using an elimination method, printing it all from the same block by cutting a small area away at a time and building up the layers of colour usually starting with the lightest colour first.


My prints are signed traditionally with the edition no. in the bottom left corner, the title under the image in the middle and my signature on the bottom right hand edge.


Original prints must not be confused (as is often the case) with reproductions which are also nowadays called prints. These reproductions are made by means of photographing or scanning an original art work (eg. an oil painting) and by means of photo mechanical processes producing copies, in some cases in huge numbers. Giclee prints are reproductions using a printing process similar to the inkjet used in computer printing.These mass produced copies of an original art work lead to a lot of confusion for collectors, especially as they are sometimes marketed as limited editions but often in a huge quantity. Some even come with certificates of authenticity where the small print reassures that it’s a ‘genuine print’. They are usually signed by the Artist, which is 0ften his only connection with them other than providing the original for the photographer or scanner.

Sometimes these are not even signed on the print but on the mount framing it.Thus what the collector gets is

a reproduction plus a signed piece of cardboard.


There are many more prints and colour variations of prints in my Studio than can be shown on the Website. I will be happy to answer questions about the techniques used to create them, if you have any questions please contact me.

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