Preparing the Plate
by filing the edges and degreasing the surface.
Pressing Leaves
through a soft wax ground onto the plate surface before etching.
Inking Up
rubbing Ink into the lower surface of the plate and wiping it from the top prior to printing.
Lowering the Paper
onto the plate surface before printing.
the big wheel of the etching press to print the etching.
The Print and Plate
together after printing.
Giant Rollers
are sometimes used with different viscosities of ink on the top surface of the plate; this is called simultaneous colour printing.
Simultaneous Colour Printing
Plate and print together (a version of 'Leaves from Aberfeldy').
used for Burin engraving.
Feather Nibs
used for feather wash drawing. The pinion feathers of game birds are best.
View of Paintings
inside studio.
The Columbian Press
This antique press is now used to print linocuts.
The Boathouse Studio
stands right on the edge of the sea.
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used for Burin engraving.